The Swiss FinTech map has been updated recently, and we are proud to be part of it!

Each quarter, Swisscom teams up with e.foresight to publish a market overview of Swiss RegTech startups with a categorisation based on areas of activity.

We are honored to announce that we figure as a part of the August 2020 Swiss FinTech map.

indagia 26.08.2020

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Innovation 23.07.2020

Cloud accounting platforms - What to look for

For business leaders looking to enhance their competitive edge, it’s crucial to find ways to work smarter not harder, to simplify complexity and focus on activities that will generate the greatest value for their business.

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Innovation 14.05.2020

AI is Accelerating the Growth of FinTech Companies

A customer-centric approach, real-time data integration, cost optimization, and advanced security are those topmost needs of the present times financial sector which is emulating the business dynamics of FinTech companies.

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Bexio 01.05.2020 integration with bexio

Automated entry and posting of your receipts and receipts - now with all relevant data of your receipts are extracted from bexio and automatically posted! Discover and much more in our App Marketplace!

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Bexio 17.04.2020

Launch SPESEN.AI for bexio

Today we launched our SPESEN.AI together with bexio and we are proud about the high demand!

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