Financial Auditor

For External Audit and CPAs

Smart Analytics

Performs analysis, generate visualization and tests across a broad range of financial data sets, automatically. The system does the heavy lifting of financial data without any programming knowledge!

100% instead of 10%

Our system flags and performs an analysis of transactions posing the greatest risk of material misstatement, reviewing not 10 but 100 of the accounts. Throughout the process, audit documentation is automatically generated.


We connect the dots, so that you can get a real picture on what’s going on in your client. We retrieve data automatically from multiple internal and external sources, so that you get the latest and most available information. Computation of financial KPIs, visualizations, and analytical procedures benchmarked against large peer-groups to highlight optimization opportunities and eventual weaknesses is performed in minutes.

Evaluate intelligently

Our system performs several testing on each accounting line in seconds, finding unusual, inconsistent or fraudulent transactions. We apply our audit machine learning module for the identification of transactions demonstrating unusual characteristics.

Multi-vendor accounting solution

Our algorithms are capable of identifying and preparing the financial data for the most popular accounting software (e.g. Abacus, Banana, Bexio, Navision, Sage, SAP and more). In addition, accounts are automatically and smartly pre-assigned.

Consistent audit procedures

We taught our system to never guess an audit procedure! Audit procedures are suggested, allocated and performed automatically based on the risks of material misstatements and in line with applicable audit and accounting standards.

Indi, our audit assistant

Our Indi bot intuitively ensures a smart collaboration with your client. She extracts, indagates and performs reconciliations by interacting and requesting data directly to the client. As a good assistant, you will be notify when the documents are ready for review or if help is needed.

Ask the right questions!

Prepare yourself properly to interrogate the client! Our Natural Language Generation technology (NLG) is capable of preparing a detailed analysis of the data in seconds by applying local audit and financial reporting standards.

Data security

We take data protection seriously. You can rest assured that the data won’t be sent to offshore facilities for further processing. Our data storage is in-region and we allocate a whole instance per client. We also comply with the highest data security standards ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, SOC.

Helping the SME segment, the Swiss way

Our goal is to provide more value to the SME segment by making financial and regulatory audits less tedious, more efficient with a fair price. We believe that our technology will enable Switzerland to bring back currently outsourced accounting jobs and put the Swiss Made brand at the forefront of financial innovation.

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